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*Micronutrients are essential because they protect our bodies from disease, slow the aging process and help every system in our bodies properly function.The body uses dozens of different beneficial micronutrient chemicals every single hour of every single day to keep us energized, produce enzymes and hormones, and prevent deficiencies. Specific micronutrient deficiencies (such as a vitamin D, iodine or iron) can result in various problems like mental impairment, poor digestion, thyroid problems and bone loss.Among other roles, the job of micronutrients includes :synthesizing DNA facilitating growth producing digestive enzymeshelping keep a strong metabolism breaking down carbs, fats and proteins into usable energy aiding in bone mineralization helping with hormone production allowing cells to rejuvenate slowing oxidation damage or signs of aging caused by free radicals allowing muscles to move and helping with tissue repair protecting the brainEvery living organism needs micronutrients for normal growth, development and energy production — and humans are no exception. Because we’re very complex creatures and have brain capacity beyond other animals, we need even higher levels of many micronutrients and antioxidants compared to many other species in order to fuel digestion, mental performance, physical activity and so on.In fact, humans need more than 50 different micronutrients for optimum health!  Every system within the body depends on combinations of various micronutrients — the digestive system, reproductive system, nervous system, immune system and so on.-https://draxe.com/micronutrients/

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