Dr. David D'Angelo, D.C. - Specializing in Pain Relief

VeVazz -Lipo Light  
                   with Whole Body Vibration               


Nutrient Body Sculpt
- transdermal  micronutrient  therapy
         (the latest Hollywood secret)
~Do you want to lose a few inches or a lot?
~Are you tired, sluggish, can't get energized?
~Do you have pain/inflammation?
~Do you have immune system issues-
               chronic sickness, autoimmune, HIV?    

~Tighten and tone
~Increase body contour
~Lift thighs, buttocks and breasts
~Minimizes fine lines
                    ~~ DETOXIFIES
~Relieves stress
~Relax the body
  • ~Reduce pain and inflammation
                   ~produces inch loss
We have seen 3-9 inch losses 
in one visit!

 Nutrient Body Sculpt

All natural anti-inflammatory therapy,
with incredible pain relieving
and inch loss properties!
     Feel great, boost your
             immune system and look great!                                     
We have several extremely successful
personalized weight and fat loss programs to help you achieve
your health and body image goals.
We use all natural drug free products.
No pain - No surgery - No suffering!

   Our programs are each 
designed with the patient's own
health and wellness goals in mind!

-Fast, Long term weight Loss!
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